Woodturning with Guapinol wood

Guapinol turned bowl

This is Guapinol, or Hymenea courbaril, Stinking Toe. About 10 inches tall, a commission for the Lalapalooza people. The tree grew across the road form my shop, and was cut to build a house.

And now it’s Wood Trivia Hour! This species has a large woody pod holding flattish disclike seeds. Children take a corner of broken glass and twist it to make a hole for a finger, and lo, a ring! They also eat the powdery stuff around the seeds, which have protein and B12, used to be sold to kids as brain food, when diets here had less protein.

The paired leaves look like a cloven goat hoof, and are hard to tell from Purpleheart leaves, a close relative.
And “Gua” is an indigenous wood for tree, and a common prefix, guayacan, guachepelin, guanacaste,etc.

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