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Our Botanical Garden in Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica

Biesanz Woodworks Botanical Garden and Pond, Escazú, Costa Rica

Lately the pond and waterlilies next to the showroom and workshop have been looking especially nice.  We’ve got botanical labels on a lot of things now too.  There are some lovely things to see; some interesting medicinal plants, rare wood trees, some very unusual things to taste, and my favorite, lovely things to smell.  There’s […]

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Green frog stuck to the kitchen window this morning (Escazu, Costa Rica)

This green frog has been on the kitchen window all day – hasn’t moved an inch.  We can’t find him in the Costa Rica herpetology books – anyone know what he is? From the other side of the glass you can see his belly – any even his toes.  How did he get up above […]

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Rainbow over San José, Costa Rica

Taken from our roof. See what we have to put up with here? I think there was an inversion over San Jose. Barry Biesanz Google+

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