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Fractals and Woodturning

What is my woodturning about? Fractals and attention. This will take some background… I take as a given that all things are connected, making a complex pattern out of simple elements that are linked on many levels, most of which are not perceptible, and some which call for a higher level of development of the […]

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Biesanz Woodworks in the news

Barry turned for the television crews, and he and Minor Loaiza did interviews for the cameras. It was for the Costa Rican Channel 6 morning magazine program “Giros.” <a href=””>Barry Biesanz Google+</a>

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Very determined beetles…

Scyllaridae beetle holes in cocobolo rosewood sapwood, and some in the heartwood too. They can even work lignum vitae, but it takes longer! These woods are so dense that they sink in water, so you can imagine how hard the beetles have to work.

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On Sanding

When I was just starting out I met a professor of woodwork from San Diego who was hanging out in CR for a while. He told me that he taught his students that one way of looking at woodworking was that each operation removes the signs of the previous operation. The planer smooths out the […]

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Barry Biesanz Google+

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Biesanz Woodworks at the Centro Cultural de Escazú

Barry Biesanz Google+

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How long ago did somebody hammer this into a cocobolo tree?

Anyone want to guess what year this 4.5 inch square spike got hammered into the cocobolo tree? The tree kept grew another 1.25″ inches in diameter after it happened, and the bark healed over. No, sorry, can’t use growth rings to figure it out because tropical woods don’t have pronounced growth rings.

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